A stealthpilot is a genetically-modified, male human life-force, originating from a specific period of time on the planet Earth, although that specific time is classified.


Occasionally, a companion or "co-pilot" as it were, is needed for a stealthmission. Those companions are almost always the individual stealthpilot's "stealthEcho," which are female and have a number that corresponds to the stealthpilot's number, i.e., stealthpilot1's companion is stealthEcho1. And et cetera.

genetic modificationsEdit



The DNA Code Updates (DNACU) increase strength, hand-to-eye and foot-to-eye coordination, bone density, in addition to many mental faculties, including intelligence, multi-tasking, memory, reading comprehension, spatial recognition and diplomatic logistics. There is also a strong preponderance to longevity, and the exact ages of the stealthpilots are not known [classified] although it is rumored that more than one of them are several thousand years of age. The first stealthpilot was and is stealthpilot0, ordered zero (0) because his genetic material became the template for all the resulting stealthpilots and also for the stealthEchos as well. stealthpilots and stealthEchos are not clones as each is a slightly different variation on the theme of stealthpilot0's original DNA. Each stealthpilot is assigned a number at birth, and that number is directly preceeded by "stealthpilot" with no space. Since there is no rank among them, stealthpilot1 is said to simply 'have ultimate seniority' out of respect for his lowest number "1." The whereabouts of stealthpilot0 are not currently known, although it would be known if he had died. It is believed that he is indeed alive, somewhere.

about time-traveling capabilitiesEdit

The stealthpilots are able to travel both forwards and also backwards in time. This is accomplished through a classified series of manual juxtapositions, initiated and carried out by each stealthpilot through a classified mental practice most easily understood if it is stated as 'a level of guided transcendental meditation.'


The stealthpilots each have his own "Multijumper," which is a hybrid virtual-reality / actual-reality vehicle. The Multijumpers are able to shape-shift into any appropriate vehicle that is needed at the time. This shapeshifting is carried out by sheer thought alone by its stealthpilot.

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For purposes of the automatic formatting of this website, the "s" at the beginning of "stealthpilot" is being capitalized, resulting in "Stealthpilot" versus the correct capitalization of "stealthpilot." stealthpilot is never capitalized in its true form, as neither are "stealthEcho" [any of them] nor "stealthcommand." Even at the beginning of a sentence, which purposefully breaks an English grammar rule, stealth____ is not capitalized. The reason for this has more to do with the limitations of the Anglo-Saxon alphabet than anything else.

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